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IntegriShield Introduced to the Compliance Monitoring Market

Kansas City Small Business Offers Compliance Monitoring

KANSAS CITY MO (May 22, 2012) – A new business in Kansas City focused on compliance monitoring has recently launched. Greg Gragg, Chairman and CEO of Blue Chair, LLC, has created IntegriShield in an effort to assist businesses in online brand management and advertising compliance as regulated by state and federal governing bodies.

IntegriShield is a technology based monitoring system that works in conjunction with a staff of experts to ensure advertising compliance and brand integrity. The unique capabilities of IntegriShield monitor the online advertising of numerous industries including the education, insurance and financial sectors and act to remedy incorrect brand representation and illegal advertising tactics. It can assist corporate organizations by tracking where their name appears on the internet and will act to correct advertising violations or misuse of brand name and bring those websites into compliance. Additionally, IntegriSheild will monitor call centers and sales representatives to ensure they comply with regulations when speaking about services offered to customers and the general public.

It is important for businesses to monitor how their brand is being represented on the internet in order to protect their reputation and to ensure the brand standards they set are being followed. For businesses that require regulatory oversight, IntegriShield adapts to constant changes in federal and state regulations and industry best practices. Custom innovative technology was developed to ensure that the compliance monitoring services offered by IntegriShield protect businesses from potential lawsuits and loss of revenue.

Jennifer Flood, JD, Managing Director of IntegriShield, advises clients on an array of issues regarding privacy, placement and content. “Advertisers have to comply with strict regulations. We make sure those advertisers are held accountable for their practices,” she said.  “We also provide an invaluable tool for clients by monitoring their brand and alerting them to any place their name appears on the internet and following up to make sure it not only meets their brand standards but the standards they are required to follow by law.”


About IntegriShield
IntegriShield is a compliance monitoring, tracking and enforcement business designed to protect companies in online advertising. With transparent reporting, enforcement action, in depth analysis and comprehensive remediation, IntegriShield is dedicated to protecting online interests and will audit online sales people to ensure consistent and compliant messaging. For more information about IntegriShield visit

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